Are you those people who have difficulties in fulfilling your dreams of having casual relationships with someone overseas? Well, good news for you as advanced technology has made things easier for you. It is possible for you to now have a casual hookup with anyone you want through online dating. Moreover, there is a dating site that is known to be the best when it comes to offhand hookups. dating site could be the solution to all your problems. The launching of this dating platform was in 1995 managed at the FriendFinder network.

The main aim of website is to bring together people who are looking to satisfy their sexual appetite. Therefore, if you are those who like all types of sexy cosplay, spanking, and everything in between, is the best place for you to be. Don’t even try site if you are looking for a serious, long-lasting commitment. Here, there are no strings attached, and it is only doing sex and other breathtaking fulfilling sexual acts. site ensures that the users are of eighteen years and above as most of the items are explicit. The following is everything that you will need to learn about dating site review.

Pros and Cons Pros

  • Extensive users database;
  • Advanced search tool;
  • Various communication tools;
  • Accessibility from different devices. Cons

  • No verification process;
  • Many fake profiles on the site;
  • customer support doesn’t work effectively.

What Is

Most of the members of site are from the USA. There are over 415,000 members who come from the USA. is known to excel the most when it comes to member’s activity. More than 150,000 members from different parts of the world join in every month. The number of women who are members is higher than that of men. The percentage of women is eighty percent while that of men is 20 percent. Alt website is not necessarily for singles since people do not look for soul mates but sex mates. Most of the members are couples or a group of individuals who have a bizarre taste in bed. Most of them are curious and would like to try fetish sex.

Alt Dating Site

How Does Work?

There are those members who take the dominant side and become the ones responsible for role-playing in sex. Some take the submissive side.  For you to join dating platform, you must have attained 18 years and above. Most of the members are between the age bracket of 25 and 34 years. If you are looking for older women who are past 50 years, then you are in the wrong place. There are very few older people since it is believed that they do not have the strength to satisfy the fetish sex. The good thing about Alt dating site is that it is diverse. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight, be sure to get what you desire. All reviews recommend trying this adventurous dating platform as you won’t regret it.

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Getting Started on

There is nothing that makes someone to be baffled than a lengthy, frustrating registration. Many people have ended their dreams of having an experience of fetish sex through online dating sites. They give up due to the depressing sign-up process that takes almost the whole day to finish. gives the solution to that and provides its users with the simplest ways of joining in, and it takes not more than your five minutes. The good thing about dating platform, unlike the other websites, registration in review website is free. For the registration process to be successful, you are required to follow the following five steps.

Alt Registration

Join as a single person, couple, or a  group. You should also give your marital status and state if you are single or married. You are also required to specify the gender you want.

Give your birth date and location. Secondly, you are required to give you the real date of birth. It serves a lot of purpose by doing providing your exact birth date. They get to verify if you have attained the required age to join. They also get to come up with the correct age brackets. Moreover, you must provide details about your location. It will help you to easily set a date for you to meet with your woman.


Provide email and username. The third thing to do is to give your email and username. It will enable you to chat with girls via emails.

Add Your Description

Add your physical description. You should describe your physical appearance and sexual orientation as it helps when it comes to matching people.

Give Yourself an Intoduction

Give your introduction title. The last thing you should do is to give a short description of yourself as it will help you to be known publicly.

Once you follow these five steps, then you will be able to create your profile.

How Does Work?

There are a lot of free dating sites available that you can use to get someone who can satisfy your sexual desires. However, most of them fail when it comes to providing their users with excellent communication tools. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions when you hear about this dating site. Is a good dating site when it comes to communicating with people? Well, that is the main reason why this dating platform has thrived well in the competitive world. It provides excellent communication tools and other features that will help you make good contact the person who you love. They provide you with features like emailing, video chatting, instant chatting, and gift deliveries that will facilitate your communication.


You can live chat with each other without paying any cent, unlike other dating sites you are required to pay. Once you find other members who you find amusing, you can add them as your friend or add them to your hotlists. Moreover, you can look for those people who are nearby and know them making it possible for you to visit them any time to quench your sexual thirst. One is also able to know who is online and who is not.

However, as a primary member, you will not have the pleasure to enjoy all the contacting options. You will not be able to send messages or read incoming messages. It is also not possible for you to send flirts to someone you love. You can also set an auto-reply that will help prevent you from having a large number of fake messages, especially when there is no subscription to any paid package. There is a notification when someone reads their messages, and they can easily block those who they are not interested in not to see them. They do this by using the Member Centre Filter System.

Special Features

The following are some of the features that will make your online dating memorable.

Hot or Not

In this feature, there will be photos displayed to you; then you will get to determine whether they are hot or not.

My Kink

This feature will help you customize your kinks and look for other members of the same kink.

If you are tired of your boring sex life or relationship and you desire to start anew, this dating site is the best for you as it will appease your bizarre sexual fetishes. You will have the best experience.

Profile Quality

If there is something important when it comes to matching is a comprehensive profile. In many dating, you may be the level you are willing to go to describe your profile may be restricted. The truth about is that you will be glad since you will be able to be as open and discrete as you want. You will be given a choice to reveal all of your information. They give users the freedom to complete and update their profiles anytime they feel. However, for you to enjoy viewing the profiles of other people and get to know some of their deepest secrets, you will have to subscribe to a gold or silver Alt membership. You may be wondering of how you can fill your profile. The following is a guide for you to fill it.

Personal Information

Under this heading, you will be required to give details about certain things. You should provide details about your education. Where you studied, the level of education you are in and how intelligent are you. You will also say the languages you fluently speak. Also, you can include drinking and smoking preferences. You are also required to describe the role you will play during sex. Is it dominant, submissive switch or unsure? You can also give the size and girth of your endowment. Also, you will describe your level of experience when it comes to the bedroom ground. You can give your sexual testimonies to prove you are the master in the game.

Photos and Videos

You are required to upload photos or videos of high quality from your webcam. For you to have an organized media, you can create albums and share them with people that you are only interested in. To verify that the photos belong to you, you must use the Confirm ID feature. Purity Test

On site, many ladies like men who know how to play dirty in the bedroom. Those who can get nasty with them and make them wet themselves up. This test is crucial as it tests to see how naughty you are. The lower the score you get, the better because you will be recognized as the dirtiest one. You should share the rating with others so that they can know how dirty you are.


There are many kinks to choose from for you to specify the one that amuses you. You can also layout the activities you enjoy from the kink.

Once you create a good profile by following those steps, be sure to be a hot cake on this site.

Safety on

If there is something that matters the most in online dating, it is the security of the users. There are a lot of dating sites, but many of them might be a scam. You might be asking yourself is safe? The dating site is the safest dating platform you can use on online dating. Alt ensures to adhere to all privacy policies of all sites under the Friend Finder network. Alt team puts the security of its users above everything else by verifying all payments and profiles. They do it using a visa card and MasterCard security code and SSL encryption code, respectively. It helps in preventing scam, frauds, and other liabilities. Moreover, they also have an efficient support team that operates 24/7 who are ready to help any member with any issue. Be sure that this dating platform is legit.


In the review of dating site, it is clear that has no mobile app. For you to use it, you must access the site through a web page. However, the mobile experience is impressive.


For the past few years, many people have had many questions concerning the costs of You may be one of those who ask is worth paying for it? Well, dating site reviews is the place for you to be. You will get to see that this is the best dating site for you to find your dream sex mate. There are three membership types:

Free Membership

In this membership, you will not be required to pay any amount, so most of the dating reviews recommend this option. But you will not be able to enjoy other many unique features. You will be able to set up five instant messenger chats per day. It is also possible for the user to hotlist others. While going through the photos of others, it is possible to like the ones you find alluring. You can also join groups.

Silver Membership

Once you decide that you want to enjoy extra features, you can subscribe to a silver Membership. In this membership, there are all free membership features available and other added ones. You can now view and contact members, even the new ones. You can watch member’s live and recorded videos of their introductions. Users can access blogs, groups, and magazine feature partially. You have access to 24/7 phone support. The approximate amount you will be required to pay in 1 month is $22.94, in 3 months is $41.37 and in 12 months is $123.51. And this review on dating site recommends getting this membership.

Gold Membership

You can decide to upgrade and enjoy all the features of website. Once you subscribe to gold membership, you will enjoy all the silver membership features and many other features. You can now have full access to groups, blogs, and magazine features. Extra-large photos will be accessible to you. The approximate amount you will be required to pay in 1 month is 34.44$, in 4 months is 68.97$ and in 18 months is $185.26.

Once your subscription lapses it will be renewed automatically, but you can stop it by accessing your billing history page or contact the support team. also gives there users rewards. When your membership upgrades, you will get six months free with the 12-month gold membership. When you subscribe to three-month gold membership, you will receive an extra one month free. However, unlike the other dating platforms that have many payment methods, gives a limited number of payment options.  With no doubt will you meet the girl of your dreams with once you upgrade to silver or gold membership. Basic Search uses a superb searching algorithm to give its users a perfect match. Its main aim is to join people with high sexual appetite together. What you need to do is to create an account with this website, and you start your online dating. Advanced  Search

It provides you with all the necessary service to make your experience exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the issues that commonly requested.

Is any good?

This dating platform is ranked the best when it comes to casual hookups. It provides you with unique features that will facilitate the success of your affair.

Is worth it?

You are required to make a subscription of either gold or silver which might be relatively expensive. However, you should count yourself lucky since you will receive the best services that are far much more than what you paid for. Be sure to have the best experience when you date the girl of your dreams on this site.

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