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Nowadays more and more people explore new ways of meeting each other not only to make their businesses blossom or to improve their language skills but also to meet a significant other, to build a relationship and possibly marriage. Internet communications play a huge role in every situation above. There are multi-purpose online services for everyone, even for those who are looking for their one true love. Review2

Online dating websites can be different and can suit different types of people. Some of them are free, therefore more appealing and less reliable, other ones may be more safe, though pricey and complex. Some are multi-cultural, others tend to focus on one area of living, age or nationality.

AsianMelodies is one of online dating platforms that specializes in matching Asian women with men from all over the world. Hundreds of accounts are created every day by men seeking themselves unique Asian women from China, Japan, South Korea and many smaller countries. AsianMelodies is a website that proved itself to be effective and comfortable in usage. Here you can use all the charm you have and all of the service’s potential to make great acquaintances, friends, meet a girlfriend or even a future wife!

Starting is Easy

Multiple profiles of any Asian lady you like are just a few clicks away. If you’re a newbie in online dating, you shouldn’t worry at all. Every beginning can be scary at times, though AsianMelodies, among a few other big dating platforms, take care of you every step of the way and bears great responsibility for your comfort during registration and acquaintance with their interface.

Big buttons, clear instructions, minimalistic design, and absence of spam and adds – everything that will keep you focused on finding yourself a perfect partner, rather than on exploring difficult Internet surfing techniques. On an everyday basis, the team behind AsianMelodies works to decrease any complications you may experience using their platform.

Almost nothing is required for you to register on the website. The first step will be to fill in the gaps concerning your name, gender, birthday, e-mail account and password. After submitting this primary data, you may sign in for the first time. At this point, AsianMelodies will provide you with two questionnaires. Don’t brush them off just yet! This is a very important step that will influence which profiles website’s engines will suggest to you, and who yours will be suggested to. Firstly answering questions about your own hobbies, interests, and preferences, and secondly portraying the kind of woman you’re looking for, you’ll give the website everything it needs to match you with a bunch of single Asian women.

Also, don’t forget to upload a few of your flattering pictures, and the job is done! Review: Free Search and Communication

After you log in, the account is ready to work. One of the best qualities AsianMelodies provides its every user with – free registration and usage. If multiple other dating platforms ask to pay a membership fee or a certain amount of “credits” (dating sites currency), this one only does it for a few extra options. All in all, the usage of search bars, completing the profile and chatting is completely free.

All of this means you don’t have ever to waste your time on payments. Once you’re in, you can use all the website’s potential. Search can be quite random, meaning you can scroll through multiple women’s profiles without any filters. If you know exactly what you want your future wife to be interested in or what language you’d like her to speak, you can easily submit such details into an extensive search. This helps people finding the exact partner they would be passionate about not for a day or two, but for a lifetime.

You also don’t have to worry about your or your partner’s language skills. You understand each other perfectly? Great for you! But what about many unfortunate situations between people from different continents who don’t know languages other than their native? AsianMelodies provides multiple translators to help them out. These are experienced people of different language levels that can be helping you to chat, video call or even to hold real-life meetings.

Options to Use

The website provides multiple ways to communicate with ladies you like:

  • online chats
  • messenger
  • e-mailing
  • video calls
  • virtual gifts

The first two are the most used communication forms. These are instant messages that can be long or short and don’t require anyone to be too poetic. E-mails, on the other hand, demand more thought put into them. They are almost old-fashioned letters, and what woman doesn’t want to receive a big and literate message? Video calls are the highest level of confidence and trust. Surely, this is the type of conversation that most of all remind real life. Staring into each other’s eyes and chatting away, catching little glimpses of a smile or instant reactions to serious topics. This is definitely a pro level! Reviews

Virtual gifts are something that freshens up and makes every conversation lively. You can attract a potential wife by sending virtual gifts or just charm her by sending gifts on an everyday basis.

Besides the obvious options for communication, there are a few just for fun. For instance, every member of the service can “like” profiles or add them to “favorites”. These are just additional things to help you reach out without being too persistent or to start communication in an easy-going and simple way.

AsianMelodies Dating Site Review: Paid Options

The majority of options on AsianMelodies website are free, however, there are a few that need to be paid for. For example, a Meeting Request. This option is everything you think it is. Whenever you decide you want to meet a girl you’ve been talking to for some time, just pay some extra fee and send her a Meeting Request. Don’t worry, in case she declines your offer, the money will come back to your account!

Safety Policy

Every dating platform, especially as big as AsianMelodies, is obliged to enable safety to every user. It can be quite troublesome when accounts are tied to a scam, are fake, sends spam etc. First of all, the website checks every registered account. This way, users can be sure they talk to real people and not cheaters hiding behind shiny exteriors.

Of course, such big platforms sometimes may suffer from intruders. In case one slipped away from the security team and end up talking to a user, there are strict but simple regulations and articles with tips about how to speak to weird or suspicious people, what are the signs of scams, and how to proceed. The support team is always there to receive your complaint and to check out suspicious accounts.


AsianMelodies is one of the best platforms for online dating purposes, especially for those who want to build a relationship or even marriage with a pretty Asian woman. Unlike many other dating websites, AsianMelodies lets users register and even use site’s tools for free. Only a few options require payment, though they are not at all necessary. Free options are – messaging, sending gifts and even video calls – pretty much everything you need to start and keep your conversation going.

To prove everyone the website is legit the range of verifications follows every registration, and even if one cheater is let through there are regulations and terms for every user to spot them and report to the security team.

The website has everything for any user – experienced or completely new – to understand what to do, how to do it, and do it fast and easy. Minimalistic design that even a baby can manipulate, interesting questionnaires, simple templates and access to any site’s tool etc. All these things are there to help you on your search for a wife.

Knowing now how online dating works and what you need to start – make a few steps toward a happier future and don’t regret anything!