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A decade ago, meeting someone online was stigmatized. But over the years, dating sites and apps have grown gradually into important tools of finding the significant other. It has now become such a hustle to settle down with which site to use. There are so many to choose from which seem to offer the same benefits. They all try to be unique by offering services to a specific niche or in the quality of their features and services. While there are no big differences, they all promise you a special someone.

The process of finding your better half online can either be such a difficult sport or a fun easy process. It all depends on your choice of site. Having such an impact, it is reasonable to want to know more about your service provider. If your money and time are involved, you are right in doing your research. Elitesingles is one platform that will provide answers to all your loneliness needs, so keep reading this EliteSingles.com review.

Pros and Cons


  • Many educated people;
  • Various communication tools;
  • Great matchmaking feature.


  • Slow customer support;
  • Expensive prices;
  • Plenty of fake profiles.

What Is EliteSingles?

EliteSingles is an online dating site launched in2013 that seem to have found the magical formula of finding love. This article will show you how as well as the many success stories from the members. It is specifically for single professionals who are in search of some serious love. This makes EliteSingles site cool since you are assured of the other person’s profession. The beauty in this is that some professions are demanding than others which will only allow you to date a certain type of person. EliteSingles is not only interested in your appearance but also asks questions concerning your personality. It aims in creating as much of a true picture of who you are as possible. The questions asked are so practical and aim at achieving a personality certainty. 

EliteSingles Site Review

You’ll answer the questions in a range of 1 to 10 instead of being limited to yes or no. The personality assessment modeled is programmed after the Five-Factor Model Theory. The site will use your personality traits and other physical factors to set you up with 3 to 6 matches daily. This is uniquely so since unlike other sites where you are going through a pool of potential in search of your perfect match, the site does all the work while you wait for compatible matches to choose from. Considering you are a professional, you might not have the whole day spared to go through a dating app. EliteSingles provides diverse options yet easy and simple to use. If you are not ready to reach out to someone’s profile but are interested, you can add them to your favorites. How’s that for making work easier?

How Does EliteSingles Work?

Their personality assessment model is a great feature which ensures members get their idle match. You will be required to answer a set of questions which identifies 29 personality traits. Majorly the Five-Factor personality model is used in psychology to determine someone’s personality. It looks into five factors that measure and help understand different personality.

These five factors include Openness to new experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. It’s popularly known by its acronym OCEAN. With this, the site has developed a set of questions that for example, will show whether a person is highly extraverted, low extraverted—introvert, or in between the two extremes. While you will consider looks, you are also assured of getting someone with the same personality traits. This is quite an achievement since it’s a load of work done for you and all  EliteSingles dating site reviews appreciate it.

How to Get Started on EliteSingles?

Every great site should have the verified profiles feature. All EliteSingles members need to be verified, where you are guaranteed about someone’s profile. It is almost impossible to get 100% truth from people, but a good site should be able to guarantee some aspects. EliteSingles ensures that their members are single. You don’t have to worry about finding out your match has a wife and children in another state after a serious commitment with them. EliteSingles also verifies their career, education, race, sexual preferences, beliefs, and age. EliteSingles site is very professional and serious in the services they offer. This is one of the reasons why EliteSingles has a huge database of genuine active members. 

EliteSingles Registration

EliteSingles Basic Search

The EliteSingles site has the search with various filters so you could find singles who meet all your requirements. All EliteSingles dating reviews you find on the Internet talk about the importance of the basic search feature.

EliteSingles Advanced Search

This review on EliteSingles dating site would have been incomplete without mentioning the advanced search feature. Unlike other sites, EliteSingles does the match for you and suggests some compatible choices. This is why it takes longer creating a profile on EliteSingles. A minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of whatever time it takes you to figure out who you are. While creating an EliteSingles profile, be in the moment and take as much time and coffee as you need. The information you give is what will be used to find you a match. Therefore be honest to get your match.

The questions come in sets consisting of 10 questions each. They are in a range of 1 to 10 and you’ll be required to dot the range that feels more you. After each set, there’s a break of routine where you are required to fill a blank question. For example, list three things you enjoy doing in your free time. EliteSingles site is entirely committed to finding you the match of your dreams and all Elite Singles reviews USA mention this fact.

Photos Upload

In this review of EliteSingles dating site, we’ll tell you about great photo upload feature. This is a common feature, where members are allowed to upload photos on their profile. This allows them to verify who they are. Since most people are visual, use the photo that portrays your best features. However, EliteSingles is different since it takes a step further in verifying member’s profile by doing a real-time video scan to confirm their identity. So if you are an EliteSinglesmember, you are assured of getting exactly what you’ve seen. After getting several comparable choices according to their personality, you can guiltlessly look for beauty. It might be a different story in another app or site but with EliteSingles, all the hard work has been done for you.

Communication Tools

Communication is key to any successful relationship and in this EliteSingles dating site review, we’ll tell you in more details about communication features so you’ll stop questioning whether is EliteSingles worth it. EliteSingles allows you to interact with you in various ways. You can comment on their EliteSingles profile or send them a personalized message. Paid EliteSingles membership has more privileges in communication. EliteSingles site provides some icebreaker statements in case you don’t know how to begin. However, sending and replying to emails only apply to those with paid membership. If you are a standard EliteSingles user, you will be unable to reply to an email from a paid user. You are only limited to using an emoji until you upgrade. Premium EliteSingles membership also exists, where the accounts are given priority and highlighted.

Blog Availability

EliteSingles are leaving nothing to chance. While blogs are an effective way of making use of SEO’s which create brand awareness, they are also a great way of improving customer relationship. The blog provides useful and relevant information to anyone interested. EliteSingles site continues to keep EliteSingles in the map among the best in the online dating industry. EliteSingles blog also provides some tips on navigating through the site and finding the best possible match. Apart from this, EliteSingles also has a team of professionals who are ready to help you with any inquiry at any time. This makes the EliteSingles experience even more enjoyable.

Member Structure

EliteSingles is an international site with millions of active users. Majority of members are men aged 25 and above. However, the gender distribution is almost equal which makes it easy to find your match. Since it is international, it also makes it diverse and you have the option to try something new. EliteSingles aims to match people in not only personality and intellectual but also career-wise. Therefore, most EliteSingles members are educated and financially stable. Generally, their members range from 30-55 years. It helps them establish serious relationships that mostly end in marriage.


Many people wonder “is EliteSingles worth paying for?” and the answer is definitely “Yes!” Here comes the big question, what is the cost per month to find love in EliteSingles? It depends since it offers two main options: the free basic membership and the premium membership. The free basic option will allow you to experience some basic features of the site. You will take the personality test and even receive partnership suggestions. However, it is when you go premium that you are allowed to send and receive an actual text from your potential special someone. Premium membership gives unlimited communication tools, fuller detail of members’ profile and great compatible matches daily. The site will also allow you to filter more through the suggested “have you met” feature according to height, habits, age and more. 

The premium option comes in light, classic, and comfort. Light being 3 months subscription at $37.95 per month, classic is 6 months at a reduced price of $21.95 per month and comfort is 12 months at a lower price of $19.95 per month. Your EliteSingles membership will automatically be renewed as per the previous duration unless you cancel before the expiry duration. Payments can be made through credit card, direct debit, and PayPal.

Mobile App

EliteSingles have an app that can be easily downloaded from the app store or google play. All EliteSingles reviews notice how useful this app is. It has an attractive design that’s also user-friendly. You can easily navigate and few profiles at the comfort of your phone. EliteSingles app has every feature available on the website version. You can sign in and out, send and receive messages, change, upload and view profile photos. It’s a light-up that is compatible with most phones.

Reviews by Categories

The dating world is no longer the black and white version of dating. Single people are diverse and are discovering new relationship preferences. While Elite can’t everyone covered, it has options that cater to different tastes. If you want a person with the same religion, or of a different race, or gender, you will be sorted out. Here are some reviews on how EliteSingles has worked out for individual members of a specific category.


EliteSingles site has an equal distribution of gender but the balance shifts once in a while. EliteSingles site offers quality service to professional men who are in serious search for a partner. Most success stories have shown men have had an easier time finding their person using Elite compared to other dating sites. Mostly because of the seriousness and quality of the services offered.


Compared to men, women are more cautious and selective when it comes to online dating. This is why most of them look for superior-high-quality dating sites. Currently, EliteSingles has slightly higher girlfriends members than men. Ladies are always in search of high-power matching engines that will bring matches that are closer to home. The active female members testify on feeling satisfied with the search tools and compatible matches. EliteSingles site also has a paywall that prevents harassment. Moreover, only paid members, which translate to committed, are allowed to message and view profile. So women feel safe to interact in the space so they don’t have to wonder “is EliteSingles safe?” as it’s a completely legit platform. Therefore, if you are a professional lady in search of a quality online dating service EliteSingles is for you.


It’s always wise to want to marry someone from the same religion. You carry the same beliefs in important aspects of life which will help in building a strong long-lasting relationship. The truth about EliteSingles is that it has always advocated for meaningful relationships which would make sense why they have this space. While there are dating sites specifically for Christians, there is no reason why you should limit your experience when this sight has provided a platform to customize your search. Christians, who have tried the service, confess to its quality and professionalism.  


The world is a small village now; you don’t go to China to marry a Caucasian. You don’t have to go to Africa to get a black beauty. All you need is to enroll in EliteSingles dating site and stop wondering “is EliteSingles a good dating site?” It doesn’t share its members’ demographics but from the members, EliteSingles is an international dating site. Members open to interracial dating only need to specify their requirement and a couple of choices will be provided.


Online dating has been extremely successful in the LGBTQ community. Most LGBTQ+ singles dating met online. EliteSingles provides an open platform and is solid in getting perfect matches for this preference. It works equally perfect for both lesbians and gays. In fact, since 2009, EliteSingles has improved its service in the online gay dating scene. EliteSingles site is exclusive regardless of your orientation.

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile is quite easy, not as quick as in other sites, but easy nonetheless. You’ll start by signing up and indicating your gender. You’ll be then required to specify the gender you are seeking for and verify your age by giving your date of birth. You are required to provide a genuine email address, location, occupation, and other basic information. The greater task comes in taking the personality test. This isn’t such a hustle, only it might take some time.

After you are done with the questions, the profile has a section where you are required to upload your photos. However, they should meet a certain standard for them to be featured. It is not a mandatory requirement but profiles without photos get less attention. You’ll be required to set parameters on the person you are looking for depending on various factors like age, height, income, desire to have a family, and many more. As long as you are honest, you will get a good compatible match.


Hopefully, this EliteSingles review website was helpful and now you know the answer to the question “is EliteSingles any good?” EliteSingles is a great online dating site that’s quite affordable to an average professional single. It has quality services due to their powerful search engines. Their web design is also sleek and eye on the eye. The layout is easy enough to navigate without help. The bars are well labeled and lack a lot of dropdowns which may get overwhelming. You can sign up for free using either the app or website. Practically speaking though, the site or app is quite useless in search of a serious relationship without a premium membership. Therefore, for maximum experience, enroll in either of the premium subscriptions and enjoy the EliteSingles service.

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