Hinge Review

Hinge Review

Many people struggle in fulfilling their dreams of dating girls overseas because of the long distance. However, thanks to advanced technology, one can date anyone in any part of the world through online dating. There are many dating sites, but not all of them are good. Some are a scam, others are too expensive, and others do not provide proper security. If you are tired of searching for a good dating site, try out this fantastic dating platform. Hinge.com was founded in 2012 and rebranded in 2015. This dating site focuses on serious hookups and not casual hookups. Going by the statistics, more than 63% of the members are looking for serious relationships.

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Pros and Cons

As much as Hinge dating site might be the best when it comes to dating, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the pros and cons of Hinge.com.


Ease of Use

What makes many people give up in online dating is the complexity of the site. Hinge dating site is known to have an attractively simple design that is more appealing to younger generations of users. Also, Hinge uses vibrant colours and clean interface to remind the users of the end goal of meeting up with their matches. Hinge makes it easy for users to use the basic contacting features as the simple design highly promotes it. Before, they used photos of real-life people for advertisements and app tutorials. Nowadays, thanks to the new model, they use lively illustrations for ads and app tutorials. One can access any feature with ease as they are all in Hinge app’s main interface.

Mobile App

Many dating sites are not available in mobile apps. You cannot access them unless you browse. With Hinge dating platform, you don’t have to go through all that. It is because one can download Hinge site as an app on their phones. You can access Hinge site no matter where you are and no matter the time.

Good Matching

For you to use Hinge dating site, you should be on Facebook. It is because hinge uses your Facebook friend’s list to find you a perfect match. By doing these, users feel more comfortable with whom you are paired with since scammers would be cut off. Every day, they send ten matches to their users to choose the one they like. They do everything to ensure you get your perfect match.


Limited Interactions

For those with no subscription, there are restrictions in communicating with potential matches. They are only given 10 ‘likes’ a day. If you have an incomplete portrait, you cannot send any like.

Limited Matches

Free users are given only ten matches a day. In those matches, if none interests you, it becomes frustrating.

What Is Hinge.com?

Unlike the other dating site, Hinge.com do not wastes its time swiping users based on appearance. Hinge dating platform matches their users with people they already have something in common. It is because it matches by searching through the users Facebook friends list. By finding matches from your Facebook friends listings, it helps to lower the probability of internet creepers. They request their members to delete the app once they get their soul mate. They don’t want their members to spend a lot of time in their app. The following is a review on Hinge dating app to help you know more about this dating platform.

How to Get Started on Hinge.com?

For you to sign up on Hinge dating platform, you will be required to be on Facebook. Unlike the other dating site that takes not more than a minute for you to register, hinge takes longer. It is because Hinge dating site is focused only on having serious hookups. Hinge review app will give you the steps you can follow to register in this dating platform successfully.

Hinge Registration

Create a Facebook Account

The first thing you should do is to ensure that you have a Facebook account. It is because Hinge.com uses your Facebook friend’s list to match you with your soul mate.

Provide a Valid Email

Once you are on Facebook, you should give your email address and the password. It will help you be logging in and also it will be used to communicate with other users.

Once you finish this process, you are now required to fill your profiles to let the public know you.

Hinge Basic Search

In this feature, Hinge dating site displays profiles of your match recommendations through a poker type style. If you don’t give a like and click the ‘x’ button, hinge.com will undoubtedly give you another suggestion. When the user who you liked sends you alike too, hinge.com will notify both of you that you want each other.

Hinge Advanced Search

This Hinge matching feature criticizes the mindless swiping making it an excellent site to get you’re the one you love.

Profile Quality

From Hinge reviews, it shows that Hinge has over five million users worldwide; however, the majorities are from the USA. The age bracket of most users is between 24 and 32 who are in search of serious hookups. In this dating site, the number of men is the same as the number of women. In Hinge.com, the cases of the fake profile are little because its members are authentic and genuine. Most members are always active as they always send likes, comment on photos and sending messages. The good thing about Hinge dating site is that it does not have internet creepers. Matches are made from the friends you have on your Facebook. Hinge saves users from time wastage when trying to know someone since you are matched with someone who you know and have something in common.

Hinge Review

Communication Features

After finishing the registration process on Hinge, you will now create your profile. Having complete profiles in Hinge dating site is very important because you will be well known in public. This Hinge dating app review will show you how to fill a complete profile by filling the following sections.

My Vitals

In this section, you will be required to provide your necessary information. The first thing you will provide is your location. You should not only say the country you are in but also the neighbourhood. You can either use your phone to determine your current location or manually enter your location. This information will make it possible to find other users in your area you can meet. The next thing you should fill is your gender and gender preference. The bisexual is not left out; there is an option that profiles of both men and women are provided to them. You will also be required to describe your height, weight, ethnicity and religion. You can also choose to say if you have kids or not.

My Virtues

In this section you will give your talents and what you like doing. You can also disclose your smoking and drinking preferences. You can also give your views on controversial topics. It may include things like sports, politics, etc.

Photos Uploads

After providing your information, the last step you are required to do is to upload high quality photos. The number of photos one should upload is six, and if you delete one, it is mandatory to replace it. You can choose to import photos from Facebook.

Making Contact 

Hinge dating site recognizes that communication is a crucial tool for any relationship to be successful. It there provides its users with excellent communication tools to facilitate good conversation. These communication tools include live chat, emails, video chatting, instant chatting and gift deliveries. Hinge also provides contacting features to make communication more efficient to the members. When you pay a premium subscription, you will get an unlimited number of likes, unlike the one with a standard subscription. Hinge.com review will give you the contacting features a member enjoys in this dating site.

Sending Likes

This feature is more than just tapping the heart button. The first thing you do is to view the profiles of other Hinge users. You should then choose a specific part in their profile that you admire the most be it the photos or the written answers. Then you will tap the heart button to like that part. To spice things up, you can add a comment to your like.

Sending Messages

It is free to send messages to people. However, you can only chat with your mutual matches. Therefore, once you have successfully matched with another user, you can immediately start your conversations. You can only send messages and not photos to each other.

These contacting features help the users to form a good connection with their potential girlfriends.

Special Features

There is nothing that Hinge dating site wants than seeing their members as comfortable as possible. To achieve this, they provide them with unique features. This review of Hinge dating app will give the special features you can get.

Who Liked Me

This Hinge feature will help you view the users who sent you likes. However, for a member who has not paid any subscription will not the faces of the users. For those who have any of the subscriptions, they will see their faces clearly, and they view their likes in a grid. It saves you the hustle of browsing each profile to view all users who sent you likes.

We Met

This Hinge feature helps the users to send feedback about their meeting with a particular match. When you use this feature, this dating platform will request you to tell them if you met with a specific match in real life and how it was. This feature assists hinge on recommending perfect matches for its users.

Mobile App

This feature allows you to use the site on your mobile phone directly without browsing. You can now download this dating site as an app on your mobile phone. It makes you use the app anywhere and anytime. All Hinge dating app reviews are very positive because this app is really worth trying.

Support Team

If there is something that this dating platform values, is the satisfaction of its users. They ensure the comfort of their users by providing them with an efficient support team. Hinge site has a reliable, 24/7 working customer service. They guarantee solutions to all questions and problems.


Before signing up to any dating site, you must take into consideration the costs you will incur. You should always go for the most affordable dating site. The following hinge dating reviews will show you why hinge.com dating site is the best for you. In this dating platform, there are two levels of membership, complimentary and preferred.

Basic Membership

In this membership, there are some features that you will enjoy without paying anything. You will be able to get filters for your gender, location, height and religion. Once you view the profiles of other users and admire some of them, you will have the opportunity to send ten likes to the ones you admired. You will also be able to send a text to other members.

Advanced Membership

In this membership, you will be required to pay an affordable amount and enjoy added unique features. You will be required to pay 9.99 USD in one month, 20.97 USD in three months and 29.94 USD in 6 months. Once you subscribe to this membership, you will be able to send unlimited likes to anyone you like. You will have the basic hinge filters plus added ones. You will get filters for whether someone wants children, information on drinking and smoking preferences, etc. you will have access to the support team and get the assistance to create a better portrait and navigate through the site with ease.

One can make payments using a credit card or mobile phones. The prices of Hinge dating platform are more affordable than the other dating sites such as match.com which is a bit expensive. The prices on Hinge are lower if you pay for a more extended subscription. The Hinge subscription you spend will automatically renew unless turning this function off in the settings. Hinge also gives a free membership upgrade to any active user.


What matters most than the safety of the users in any dating site? There are many dating sites, but not all of them are legit. Most of the dating sites are full of fake profiles. Hinge dating site prevents scam by using your Facebook friend’s list. The members are requested first to know the background information about their potential match. It is done through the mutual Facebook friend. They also ensure all profiles are verified using SSL encryption code. Verification of all payments is carried out to ensure no fraud. The flaw of Hinge dating platform is that the user’s personal Facebook information is not kept confidential. However, they warn the Hinge members of the privacy policy to be careful not to

Frequently Asked Questions

 There are issues that some people may bring to the table. It is the work of the support team to ensure that they are all answered. The following are some of the questions.

Is Hinge safe?

Yes, Hinge is safe. Safety is something that most people factor in when looking for a dating site to meet their soul mates. Most people have lost their money in dating sites that are a scam. You may be having doubts about if to start dating using the internet but you shouldn’t. It is because hinge.com is the site that provides its users with the best security. It verifies all profiles and payments to prevent fake profiles and fraud, respectively.

How does hinge work?

For you to use Hinge dating site, you must sign up to Facebook. They use your Facebook friend’s list to find the perfect match for you. You are also requested to look for background information about your potential matches through your mutual Facebook friends. It keeps sending recommendations of profiles if you don’t like the one recommended for you. It provides excellent communication tools to ensure the success of your hookup.

Is hinge worth paying for?

Yes, it is. First, the amount you get to pay is affordable and what you will get in return is more than what you paid.

Is hinge a good dating site?

Yes, Hinge is a good dating site, especially for those who are looking for serious hookups.  Unlike other dating sites, Hinge provides you with your perfect match faster using your Facebook friend’s list.

Is hinge worth it?

Yes, Hinge.com is worth it because they provide its users with the best services. Hinge provides with the best communication tools, the best unique features and the best contacting features. Hinge site also has a reliable support team, and they ensure maximum security to their users.


Hopefully, this review has answered the questions “is Hinge any good?” So now you know is Hinge a good dating app. The truth about Hinge.com is if you are looking for more than a usual dating app this dating site is the best place to be. Hinge’s main aim is to bring together like-minded people seeking serious dates. Be sure to get the best hinge experience ever.