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Jdate.com has been recently showing a steady rise in popularity with a lot of people claiming it to be one of the best online dating platforms they have ever used. Indeed, dating site Jdate.com has a portfolio of numerous successful cases of bringing people together. Are you the target audience of this niche dating site? Find out by reading this Jdate.com review!

Pros and Cons

Pros of Jdate

  • Jdate.com is the largest dating site for Jews and those seeking a Jewish mate.
  • Navigation on the Jdate.com online dating site is intuitive, the design is clean and elegant.
  • There is a free iOS & Android app.
  • You get a lot of amazing Jdate.com features that could help you find a date among girlfriends and boyfriends on Jdate.
  • Excellent moderation that ensures the safety of all the members of Jdate.com site.

Cons of Jdate

  • A lot of Jdate.com features are only available to those members who upgraded to the paid membership.
  • Jdate.com app has limited features as compared to the desktop version.
  • The fee is relatively high.

What Is Jdate.com Online Dating Site?

Jdate.com is an online dating site that seeks to bring together Jewish people from all over the world for them to find love and build solid relationships. However, individuals do not necessarily have to be Jewish in order to join the Jdate.com online dating platform. In fact, while Jdate.com is indeed focused more on catering to the Jewish population, it is also very well recognized by those seeking Jewish mates.

Jdate.com platform was first launched back in 1997, and since then has managed to get a large number of successful cases. Every day more and more new members are joining Jdate, with the site population currently being over 200 thousand active users. The Majority of active Jdate.com members are female aged 35-49 years old, but the disproportion between males and females on the site is hardly noticeable. In fact, the distribution of genders of Jdate.com profiles signed up to the service is pretty even.

One way or another, according to a survey published in 2011, Jdate.com is responsible for 52% of successful Jewish marriages that began online. This implies that there are a number of love stories that take its beginning on Jdate. However, is it really that good? This review of Jdate.com seeks to see what’s the hype all about.

How Does Jdate.com Work?

Jdate.com allows its members to contact other members they like by liking the people of their choice, sending them messages, emails, start voice and video chats etc. Unfortunately, the option of sending and receiving messages is available only to those members of the site who upgraded to the paid membership. Other than that, there are also multiple unique and interesting features that Jdate is famous for. Here is a list of things that are available to the users of Jdate online dating website.

Jdate site review

Kibitz Corner

Kibitz corner is a Jdate.com feature that is unique within the online dating community and is only intrinsic to JDate. It allows you to tell Jdate.com members more about yourself through answering a set of questions that are available in this section. The questions that are given to the members in the sections server the purpose of being great icebreakers and help you initiate contact with the ladies and gentlemen you fancy.

Color Code Personality Test

This Jdate.com feature is designed by the developers of Jdate.com for its members to better understand themselves and what they are seeking on the site. The test consists of two sections called strengths and limitations. Each of the sections contains 30 questions and several situations with 15 following questions. It might seem like a bit of a chore to complete, but it helps you a lot with gaining a better understanding of what kind of relationship would be perfect for you! Once you are done, you will be matched with a color code based on your personality which assess four core motives namely power, intimacy, peace and fun.

Secret Admirers

This Jdatefeature is similar to the swiping carousel first introduced by Tinder. The only thing that is different about the principle is that you do not judge the people based on their profile picture, but are rather given an access to their entire profile, so you can have a sneak peak at who they are before deciding whether you like them or not. In order to indicate your verdict, you can choose one of the options: to show you interest in a particular person you should click ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ buttons. Every time you give someone a ‘yes’, the person you fancy will be sent a mail to let them know that you have shown interest in their profile. Once they receive this letter, they have an opportunity to either like you back so that the two of you get a mutual match.


While messages are not accessible by the members who are using the free version of the site, flirts are something everyone can use. These are a quick way of contacting the men and women you find interesting and attractive to let them know you would like to chat to them. They act as great icebreakers, and you can send up to 30 flirts per day, but you can only flirt with one member once.


In order to indicate how you feel towards a particular member of the site, you can send them a free greeting card. A great way to use them is on special occasions such as birthdays or other important days.

Hot Lists

You can create lists of your favorite Jdate.com members that you would not like to lose as well as your contact or search history.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are a fun concept accessible to paid members of the site. In these groups people can create meaningful bonds that would later lead to relationships. There they would discuss various topics and make connections as they go.

How to Get Started On Jdate?

The registration process on Jdate.com is neither particularly difficult nor time-consuming. The developers of Jdate.com site understand your desire to get down to the fun part sooner than later, so they made everything they could for it to take as little time setting up an account as possible. For this very reason, there are actually a couple of ways you could get started with Jdate.com, and both of them begin on the landing page of Jdate online dating website.

Jdate Registration

Create an Account

The first way of registering an account on the Jdate.com dating site is via connecting your Facebook profile. You can quickly create an account by signing up using Facebook. This would transfer the basic information about you, such as date of birth, name, gender and email. However, if you would like to keep your Facebook and your dating life separately for now (we are sure once you get to know someone you like on the site better, you will exchange your social media profiles to take it to the next step!), you can register using the signup form. It is pretty basic and only requires the following information about you:

  • Your valid email address (a confirmation letter will be sent there to verify your email)
  • Create a robust password
  • Frst name and last name
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Enter your Zip Code

Tell About Yourself

Once you are done with this step, you are already a registered member of the site, and will be taken to the next page where you will be offered a couple of lengthier questionnaires about yourself to fill out. These are not mandatory, but it is beneficiary for you to complete them, as the more information you reveal to the site, the more accurate your matches will be. Moreover, it is a proven and well-known fact that the more information you state about yourself in the about me section, the more matches you will get. This is in the basics of human psychology — we tend to like people we know about more.

Complete Your Profile

Therefore, we recommend that you to not skip this following step: set up your profile! You can fill out a form where you can state more specific details about yourself such as education, profession, height, weight etc. Jdate.com members can mark their Jewish affiliation on their profile. Options include Conservadox, Conservative, Hasidic, Orthodox (Modern, Baal Teshuva and Frum), Reconstructionist, Reform, and “Culturally Jewish”. Members can also select options like “Willing to Convert”. Moreover, it is a good time and place to talk more about your ideal partner that you are looking for. Not only Jdate.com cares about you being able to match with Jewish people, but it also wants to ensure you are fully compatible with the users that catch your eye. Therefore, you can check the details that matter to you in the partner of your dreams.

Upload Nice Photos

As well as that, you should also think about uploading a couple of pictures that would represent you well on the site. It is important to remember that a good profile picture can make or break the first impression and therefore the subsequent communication with other members of the site. Jdate.com site does not allow users to now have a profile picture, so you have to upload at least one: you can either upload it directly from your computer or mobile device, or have it imported from your Facebook account. The total amount of pictures a user with a free membership can upload is 6, and all of them have to go through an obligatory administrator review. Jdate site moderators keep an eye on the content its members upload, so that no inappropriate images are shared.

Navigation on Jdate.com Site

When you are done with the profile setup and are ready to embrace the world of Jewish online dating, you can finally enjoy all the mesmerizing features Jdate.com offers to its members. While you will receive the most compatible profiles carefully selected for you by the matching mechanism of the site, you can also have the joy of browsing through the users yourself.

You can either go through the entire catalogue of members of Jdate.com site (which will definitely keep you busy for a very long time, and you will not reach the end), or use the advanced search tool to narrow down your search to specifics such as age, eye color or pet ownership. You are given an option to choose particular criteria that are important to you, so that the system would only show you those profiles that match your preferences. After that, you can sort your matches by registration date, distance, or match percentage.

Jdate.com – Is It Safe?

One of the pretty logical questions the potential members of Jdate.com dating site are trying to answer is whether it is safe to use or not. Jdate.com is the top dating site that cares deeply about the safety of its users. Therefore, it puts a lot of effort into moderating Jdate.com site, so that the members could be sure their experience on Jdate will be as pleasurable as possible.

One of the biggest problems a lot of large online dating sites experience is fake accounts and scammers trying to make money off the people who are on the platform to find genuine love. Unfortunately, existence of such fraudsters is inevitable and cannot be fully eradicated. However, the situation can be drastically improved through consistent and well-conducted moderation of the activity on the site. This keeps the quality of the profiles on Jdate.com cohesively high: creation of fake profiles is not possible because of the site’s strict safety guidelines, so you shall not worry about the people you contact — all of them are legit. Moreover, once a fake Jdate profile is detected by one of the administrators or other users, the user account automatically gets suspended till further notice.

Moderation of Jdate.com Site

Additionally, as it has already been discussed earlier in the text, all photos uploaded by the site members go through administrator check to ensure they do not break any of the site’s rules. Only after it is checked that they meet the guidelines, they will be shown to the general public of the platform.

Anti-Scam Policy

Scammers and other fraudsters are not welcomed either. A lot of jdate.com reviews talk about of the most important terms of use all new users must agree to. It goes as “I promise to never send money, ask others for money or share financial information with anyone I meet on Jdate. In addition, I pledge to report anyone who asks me for money or my financial information.” This is an essential part of the community, which shows that all the people whose intention is to scam other members will be dealt with immediately and harshly. The customer support of the site takes action to complaints of serious actions like harassment from fake or fraudulent profiles.

Apart from that, just like any other respectable online dating site review, Jdate.com employs the 128-bit SSL protected payment system to ensure the safety of the members’ financial data when the latter make purchases on the site.

Cost of Jdate.com

It is only fair that a site like Jdate.com would have a paid version for those willing to obtain a paid membership and gain access to the wider scope of features. This jdate.com dating website review provides you with the cost per month of Jdate.com for your reference:

  • One month for $59.99
  • Three months for $134.97, with a renewal rate of $44.99 per month
  • Six months for $179.94 with a renewal rate of $29.99 per month
  • A $3.99 one-time processing fee is added to all first-time subscription purchases


This Jdate.com review has concluded that, overall, Jdate.com is a great site for Jewish singles or those looking to find a Jewish man or woman to date. It has a number of fun features to facilitate the conversation between the users and gives its users plenty of opportunities to keep the communication varied and interesting. Moreover, Jdate.com cares a lot about the safety of the member of the site, so it carries out thorough moderation and prevents any fraudulent actions from taking place on the platform. This, however, at the expense of a rather high membership fee that is required to be paid as it grants you access to the most features provided by the Jdate.com site.

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