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Perhaps you read a lot of reviews of various online dating sites. Did anything bother you? Most likely, the fact that many of them were too “sugary,” not like the truth. This material is a real review. Here you will not see embellishments and unnecessary advertising, but only the truthful information that will help you find a soul mate on the Internet.

Review of Pros

Like any other dating site, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the good things:

Easy to Use

The interface here is maximally simplified, and nothing distracts from communication and search for the second half. This simplicity makes applications “easier,” they take up much less memory. Their background work does not overload the smartphone. Accordingly, they can work with weak devices, which can expand the audience of their use.

Low-Cost Subscription

By the way, many other reviews are silent about this. Not everyone can afford to use popular services just because of the high price.

Review of Cons

Let’s talk about the site’s disadvantages. They are few, but they are significant:

No Additional Services

And it’s not even that we do not place this resource on the top dating sites. But developers can simply expand the range of the proposed. For example, to add a translation feature. Not everyone knows foreign languages, but they want to talk with foreign women or men.

No Way to Delete Your Account

This is very strange because, often, when a person has already found a mate, he simply does not need to log in anymore, and the alerts from the site keep coming. This is a bit annoying, but for some reason, it is impossible to solve this problem.

Many Fake Profiles

You come across fake profiles very often. It seems that some people simply do not exist but behind their photos there is a program that sends spam messages, selecting “victims” by some principle.

No Customer Support

There is no round-the-clock technical support. According to research experts, at the moment there is no need for online service 24/7. Opening hours of the client department from 9.00 to 22.00. That’s enough for now.

Long Registration Process

The procedure takes 1.5-2 hours. This includes creating an account, filling out all the necessary forms, uploading photos, and replenishing the balance. A detailed and well-formed questionnaire, as well as the presence of a photo, gives the participant more chances to choose a soul mate in a short time for many reasons. Probably, spending 2 hours of your time, in this case, is fully justified.

But, if the work of the site is evaluated as a whole, then it is quite viable and performs those functions that it places on itself almost completely. Does it help to find love? Yes, but it all depends on you.


Why is online dating generally so popular nowadays? There are many reasons for this. For example, on the Internet, you can have several “girlfriends” at once, whereas in real life, it is problematic and expensive to implement. Also, you can be more friendly and erudite in the correspondence. When talking to a girl tete-a-tete, sometimes it is difficult to find words and engage in dialogue. That is, during the exchange of messages it is easier to “hook” the attention of the lady than in real life. This does not apply to all men, of course, but more often, girls meet guys who are not able to support even elementary conversation. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of dating sites among the weaker sex.

Also, such resources significantly save money. It is much cheaper to arrange even a one-year subscription for yourself than to pay bills in restaurants and buy plane tickets to other cities and countries. Frankly speaking, the NaughtyDate dating site saves you money and time. And it will be true! It cannot be said that you will get a very rich choice of girls (there are about 800 thousand visitors here), but for acquaintance and initial communication, this will be quite enough. Also, if you dream of someone from an exotic country, then you are not in the right place for that. For example, to meet a Japanese woman on this resource is almost impossible.

NaughtyDate Dating Website Review: Registration

The signup process on is very similar to the registration procedure on other dating platforms.  You need to go to the site or download the application. Next, you will need an e-mail.

Moreover, it should be working because important messages will be received. It is worth coming up with a complex password, preferably a combination of letters and numbers. This service is not a scam, but you should always take care of your data security.
After receiving your account, you should upload a photo to the avatar, as well as fill out a few questionnaires. To do it or not is up to you, but many women are wary of profiles where there is almost no information, or it is comic. Also on the site, there is a search robot function. To use this is comfortable and fruitful, it is better to indicate what is being requested. If you fail to comply with this item, there is a chance that there may be problems with the security service. Why is needed to spoil your nerves and waste time?

Some reviews on describe the entire registration process as a long and boring process. However, in fact, this is not the case if you can use a computer and there are no problems with typing. If you previously registered somewhere, then this procedure should not be a problem at all. However, it should not be missed, not only for the reasons mentioned above. Some features will not be available due to security reasons. The site has this right.

Easy Use of NaughtyDate Online Dating Site

The review would not be complete and final if this topic escaped. It is not so simple. As already mentioned, the resource is characterized by extraordinary ease of use. But you always want a better, more voluminous, and even richer. Especially users of modern gadgets will always feel that they miss something – an extra button, more smiles, and more varied singles.

Of course, for any expansion, you need finance and competent developers, but some functions are necessary here. The introduction of the payment system would be useful, for example. It is much more convenient to replenish the balance without opening an additional application and without minimizing the windows. It would also be nice to receive a variety of matches every day, as it is done on many other resources.

The filter function should be added to the age of the desired girl. Agree you should always immediately dismiss the age contingent that is not considered. Why should the user view the profiles of those who initially do not suit him? Although there are all sorts of situations when you start communicating with such a lady, who seems to be not suitable for age requirements from the very beginning.

Naughty Date is a Scam

During the process of creating relationships, security issues are the last thing that is wanted to be distracted by. Immediately it should be noted that the site developers have done a lot to provide the proper level of service to their users. For this purpose, various kinds of checks are provided with the help of third-party organizations or special programs. The site spends a lot of money to maintain an adequate level of security, and users are provided with this for free. More precisely, the costs “fall” in the subscription and additional services prices.

How to prevent all sorts of fraudulent activities on a dating site? Generally, the principle is the same as in the rest of the network. You can trust ladies endlessly, talk for a long time, and call them. But you shouldn’t send them money before you make sure personally and repeatedly that they need it. That is, if a girl just decided to “make money” on you, and lured you money, the site will have nothing to do with it, but the blame will fall entirely on you.

Security service’s activity extends only to prevent the appearance of fake accounts, in which there is not even a scammer personally, but a malicious program is working successfully. It hacks financial data, etc. In this regard, the service is still weak, but it can be honestly called legit. After all, improving security and the emergence of special anti-spam bots and other protective cyber programs can occur only after the appearance of relevant fraudulent applications. They appear very often and in large numbers, but it is very difficult to track down. So you should always rely only on yourself even when you organize a date. Most likely, you will not be able to find the perfect dating site, where the appearance of fake profiles is completely excluded.


With the appearance and introduction of the Internet into everyday life, it has become easier and faster to solve many problems. Even dating with girls is simplified and does not require an individual approach or financial investment. But you still need your desire to change your destiny!

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