OurTime Review

You don’t have to spend your awesome sunset years alone, because you have the opportunity to meet your perfect match through OurTime.com.  A site that you can rely on.

Pros and Cons

There is nothing that lacks its flaws, no matter how good it is. OurTime.com is no exception, and it has both its pros and cons.


OurTime Mobile App

OurTime.com dating platform has designed an app that can be accessed easily in your mobiles. There will be no need of browsing since you can access OurTime.com directly. It has helped users to discover profiles of men or women and modify their search for more personalized matches.

OurTime.com Safety Tips

Not only do they give security by verifying OurTime.com profile and payments but also by providing suggestions of how you can safeguard your account. They advise OurTime.com users on how they can keep their private information confidential. They also encourage OurTime members to raise the alarm if they suspect any dangerous act.

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Extensive Users Database

OurTime.com is a senior dating site that is continually growing. With four years of experience, OurTime.com has a wide range of members. Therefore, it is an assurance that you will get people of the same age group. It also increases the chances of finding the perfect match.

Site for Older People

If you are old, it might be disappointing to date using catch-all dating site since it has a wide range of generation. Luckily OurTime.com dating site gives the older people a chance to express their feeling to people of the same era without any hustle.


For you to enjoy a unique feature that will make your experience memorable, you have to make a subscription that might be relatively expensive. If you fall in love with someone, you cannot go further to chatting with her until you pay.

Poor OurTime.com Support Team

The bad thing about OurTime.com dating platform is that the customer service does not provide quality services to their users. They take long to respond to the problems facing OurTime members. In some cases, the issues that the users struggle with remain unsolved.

What Is OurTime.com 

Who said older people could not date? There is nothing more disappointing than signing up for an online dating site and discover later on that it’s all members are in a different generation from you. You may be wondering whether you might be lucky enough to find at least one dating sites that can accommodate your age. Well, good news for you as OurTime.com prevents that problem for older people trying to get into online dating.

People media released this dating site in 2011 and their main aim is to help older people of fifty years and above to socialize and meet with other people. Unlike young people in their twenties and thirties, older people in their fifties want very contrasting things from a hookup. Therefore, if you are in your fifties and looking for a friend, spouse, or something in between, OurTime.com is an excellent place to be. The following OurTime.com dating site review will help you understand everything you need to know about this dating platform.

How Does OurTime.com Work?

From OurTime.com reviews, a large number of members from this site comes from the USA. Approximately 1.5 million members are coming from the USA. OurTime.com dating platform is an ever-growing dating site for senior people. There are around 180000 members who are active every week. There are over 8 million new members from different parts of the world who visit this site every month. The number of women in OurTime.com dating platform is more than the number of men.

The percentage of ladies is fifty-five percent while that of men is forty-five percent. On OurTime.com dating site, there are no young people. They didn’t want to mix both the young and the old since they differ in what they want from a hookup. For many years neglect of older people in the world of dating has persisted. OurTime.com dating site has come to put a stop to that and offer them an opportunity to find love and friendship again.

How to Get Started on OurTime

To sign up to OurTime.com dating site is free and fast. The signing process is elegant and well-designed. The following OurTime.com review website will give you two simple steps you can follow to register successfully.

OurTime Registration

Select Your Sexual Orientation

In this step, you are required to describe if you are a male or female. You will also say what type of gender you need either male or female.

Give Your Details

In this step, you are required to provide your full names, your email address, and date of birth. You can also give your postal code or zip code. It will help them locate any other person who is near you and notify you.

Describe Yourself and Your Relationship Goals

In this step, you will give a few details about you. You can say which race you belong to, education or religion. Then you will say what relationship you want casual, marriage, or pen pals.

Once you do this, you conclude the OurTime.com singup process by agreeing to their terms. Once you complete this process, you will have an option to subscribe to a paid OurTime.com account to enjoy unique features.  After all this procedure you will have the accessibility to the main page of this dating site. You can start browsing for the brides. There will be a display of singles near you, and you will be able to view their profiles.

Profile Quality

After registering, what follows next is creating an OurTime.com profile. By doing this, you will be making yourself known to the public. However, it is optional if you would want to reveal your information to the public. One flaw of this site when it comes to the quality of profiles is that it does not have an identity verification system to determine if the information given is accurate or not.

Nevertheless, assuming all OurTime.com profiles are legit; one can know more than enough about someone. Therefore, it will help you determine if the match is right or not. The following OurTime.com dating site review will give you the guides you can follow to make a comprehensive profile.

Personal Details

Here you are required to give your details. You can describe your body type, the color of your hair, your height, and weight. You can also talk about your personal life and say if you smoke or drink. You can even tell if you have kids or not. You can talk about your political affiliations or your income.

Top Interest

Here, you describe what you like doing most. You can say what you want doing in your free time or talk about your talent.

Special Features

You cannot enjoy any unique OurTime.com features unless you pay for an OurTime.com subscription. This review on OurTime.com dating site will provide you with the unique features you get to use once you pay.

Promote Me

Promote me helps the user to make his or her profile more visible to other members on OurTime.com site. It makes your profile more visible by placing it on the top of the search results for everyone to see.

Virtual Gifts

More than one user sends many ladies gifts. Therefore, for you to get their attention and make them notice you quickly, you can use virtual gifts.


Once you get to know someone well, you can use ConnectMe to allow you to talk to them through voice call without exposing your identity.


If you are not good at expressing yourself and be unique, the profile pro services will get the necessary information and complete your profile on your behalf. It will make you outstanding.

These features will increase your enjoyment, ease of finding matches, and overall site visibility.


Many people give up in networked dating because the many sites they get are too expensive. From this review of OurTime.com dating site, you will learn that this dating site is more affordable than the other dating platform. There are fee-based services and complimentary services.

Free OurTime.com Services

These OurTime.com services include registering into this account. You do not have to pay any amount when signing up. You only need to give your name, email, and date of birth. Another service that you don’t pay is the creation of profiles. You will only provide details of yourself and talk about what interests you. It will help you to be well known publicly. The services that you enjoy without paying is match search.

As much as you can enjoy some of the services without paying, there are other unique services you cannot relish. For you to chat with the person you like, you must pay for that service. Moreover, if you want to enjoy exciting features like connectme, ProfilePro, virtual gifts and promote me, you have to pay for them.

There are two subscriptions that one can pay. They include a standard subscription and value subscription.

Standard OurTime.com subscription

In this subscription, you will enjoy most of the fee-based services. The amount you will be required to pay for this subscription in one month is approximately $29.96. For six months, you will spend roughly $90.00.

In this subscription, you will enjoy all the services in standard subscription and other added perks not in the standard subscription. You will get a notification when another user reads your message.  Your messages and portrait have a different background color, thus making you stand out from the rest.

For you to make a payment, you will use Credit Card, PayPal, or mobile phone. All subscriptions will automatically renew themselves unless you undo it manually in from the settings.


When one looks for a dating site, the first thing that comes in mind is the safety of using that site. The truth about OurTime.com is that is adhered to all privacy policies and ensure maximum security to their users. They ensure that all of your information remains confidential and protected from scammers. They also provide all profiles are verified using SSL encryption code to ensure all profiles are real. Moreover, they prevent OurTime.com members from fraud by ensuring the verification of all payments using the visa card and MasterCard security code.

OurTime.com Basic Search

OurTime.com dating platform provides its users with an attractively simple design that helps them to navigate through it with ease. Everything is transparently explained for you making even the newbie access everything without any hustle.

OurTime.com Advanced Search

For an advanced OurTime.com search, you will be provided with deeper preferences to choose from, thus making your searching accurate and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the issues that users might ask

Is OurTime.com a Good Dating Site?

Provided that you are old, this dating site is the best for you. It is because it only focuses on older people; hence, you can find your soul mate of the same era with ease. It also provides you with the best services that will ensure you have a memorable experience in dating.

Is OurTime.com Safe?

When it comes to safety, OurTime.com dating platform takes the lead. It puts the security of its users above anything else and ensures all profiles and payments are verified to prevent scam and fraud, respectively. They not only ensure safety by checking profiles and fees but also by providing safety tips to their users.

How Does OurTime.com Work?

Their main aim is to connect old singles yearning to enter into a serious relationship or to have a mutual friendship. What you are required to do is register, complete their profiles, and look for OurTime.com matches. They have a large number of users who you can choose. They provide you with the accessibility of their profiles so that you can select the one you like. They also offer its users with excellent searching engines that will ensure you get the exact match that you want. They provide you with unique communication tools that will facilitate your dating success.

Is OurTime.com Worth Paying For?

For one to enjoy special OurTime.com features, you need to make payments. These payments may be a little bit expensive, but you won’t regret it. The services and features you will get will be more than what you paid to get. They will ensure you meet the girl of your dreams and get the best experience that you will not feel the pinch while paying.

Is OurTime.com Worth It?

There is no other dating site that is more focused on older people like this dating site, no wonder that all Ourtime.com dating site reviews are very positive. Ourtime.com dating reviews tell that the site provides the best services that will ensure you get the girlfriends you have always been wanted. If you are old and still want to date, this dating site is worth trying. Hopefully, this OurTime.com review has answered the question “is OurTime.com any good?”. You are a senior person and you have had problems when it comes to finding correct dating site for yourself. Try this senior dating site, and you won’t regret OurTime.com experience and you don’t have to spend the rest of your final years alone.

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