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Of course, Valentime review is not an instruction on how to change your life. There’s no walkthrough that could give you love by one click. But with its help, it will be much easier to navigate the Internet. Why? It will be clear a little later.

About Valentime

So let’s start over. online dating site has been fruitfully helping people around the world to find and develop long-term relationships for more than 8 years. The site has more than 10 million users and continues to expand. Why did it happen? Because the resource caught the trend of the new time, when dating ceased to occur on the street, and more and more often appear in the network. In this way, for example, no one spends a lot of money to get into another country. With Valentime dating site, you don’t need to look for a suitable girl in cafes and restaurants, weakly hoping for a positive result.

A modern young man or girl usually values their time very much. And for each of them, finding the time to meet each other is often not easy. Everyone has their schedule, which is difficult to change. That is why the “chance” meeting on the cities’ streets is usually not included in their plans.

Dating site Valentime took this fact into account and created the most convenient service for online dating. Here you will find a friendly interface, convenient navigation, and useful information for yourself. But let’s speak more about everything.

Valentime Review

Pros of Valentime

Of course, you can argue that there are many such sites on the Internet and you are right. But this service has several effective advantages that highlight it among other similar sites. So the main advantages which should be noted in this review of Valentime are:

A Large Number of Female Users

Here you can find a girl of any age, appearance, education, and country. The site has no territorial restrictions and is loyal to all religious denominations. So any woman who wants to become a member of this “project” can easily accomplish this by taking a couple of photos and having a gadget with Internet access.

Significant Geographic Coverage

Of course, we are talking about countries in which there is no ban on such resources, and there is sufficient provision of the Internet and modern technical means. Now the site is actively developing in the Asian direction, as well as in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region.

Only Real Users

It would seem a strange dignity. But only an average man can think like that. Experienced users consider this item as the main advantage of the site. You can imagine because there are similar “dating sites,” where the main % of users are artificially created by a computer program. Do you think there is a chance to find your destiny there? Hardly.

Minimum of Advertising

The site exists solely on the users’ means. There are few free services here, mostly, they are all paid. However, who can argue that the absence of advertisements, banners, and pop-up windows is convenient? Service’s visitors are willing to pay for it.

Cons of Valentime

Many other Valentime reviews also point out the following service’s disadvantages:

Many Paid Services

As already mentioned, this was done not to earn more money, but to avoid the need for advertising. Also, the site must be maintained in proper form, develop, acquire equipment, and servers. Every cost is justified.

Long Registration Process

The procedure takes 1.5-2 hours. This includes creating an account, filling out all the necessary forms, uploading photos, and replenishing the balance. A detailed and well-formed questionnaire, as well as the presence of a photo, gives the participant more chances to choose a soul mate in a short time for many reasons. Probably, spending 2 hours of your time, in this case, is fully justified.

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Valentime Dating Website Review: How to Log In

Valentime Dating Website Review

To find long-term relationships, you should register on the site. This is not a quick, but mandatory and very important procedure. Not only the speed of appearance of relations but also their quality depends on the thoroughness of its implementation. Also, the correctness and completeness of filling out personal data is a pledge of trouble-free use of the resource, without causing suspicion to the security service.

The first step of signup is entering your name, surname, current e-mail, and password into the special form. To confirm the registration procedure, you will need to click on the active link that comes in the letter to the specified address. Having passed and having specified again mail and the password you receive the personal account on the site. It is very easy.

Any online dating site review should mention the reasons why it is worst to consider registering and completing forms carefully. This, for example:


The resource’s security service is loyal to you. You have a real name, surname, and other data. The profile has a current photo. You are a real person and are not hiding from the law. You are not a robot and not a fake, which such services are trying to avoid as much as possible.

Friendly Users

Ladies love to communicate with men who have nothing to hide from them. So, they feel safer and easier to contact. This is not fiction but psychological facts. You also would be nicer and more comfortable to communicate online with a person who has a photo and who indicates personal information.

Accurate Matches

A well-filled questionnaire is a guarantee that a quality match will be fast in coming. Based on this form, the search robot works; therefore, the more accurate and detailed the information is, the more effective the program will be.

How to Use One of the Top Dating Sites


After successful registration, you will not be able to enjoy the abundance of singles immediately. First, you need to replenish the balance. It happens like this. You deposit funds into the required account (your account on the site). Then they are converted into credits at the resource’s exchange rate. Next, you use credits. You can track their movement in your profile.

Browse Profiles

As soon as funds are credited, the most interesting begins – the search for girlfriends. This is a fascinating and fruitful process only if you are on the site not only for “pleasant communication,” but also with the likelihood of creating relationships. Many girls are registered on the service for this. Pleasant chatting is possible in instant messengers and social networks too.

Check Offered Matches

If you fill out the form honestly and in detail, then the services of a search robot will be useful to you. It will search for matches by specified criteria in existing accounts of girls. As soon as matches are found, you will be immediately sent the profile of the girl. Who knows, maybe this is the first step to your date?

Conduct Search

It would be liked to note the quality of the search. So, the robot checks the information in the profiles verified by the security service. Checking is legit. It is performing on each new profile. This is done to prevent all sorts of scams, which are numerous on the Internet. For greater certainty, the slightest suspicion of fraudulent or illegal activities is stopped by sophisticated multi-step verification systems. The fact is that you provide not only your data but also some credit card information. This obliges us to take this with the utmost seriousness and vouch for safety.

Feel Safe

The statement that this service is not scam is entirely legitimate. And it’s not only in numerous checks. The system is designed so that you can never “communicate” with a profile that is suspicious of the security service. Unfortunately or fortunately, but it works. Most likely, many people managed to save from all sorts of fraudulent transactions due to this simple function. That is why the site administration warns and convinces everyone to take this resource seriously and do everything by the rules of the service. So you are guaranteed to protect yourself from all sides.

This applies to both men and women. To anyone, who believes that a funny picture as an avatar and a funny name is enough to find a soul mate. Of course, the site approves any fun pastime, but it was not created for this. Achievements of the resource are the history of happy families, which you can read in a special tab.


Of course, all you need to catch the buzz and do everything in pleasure. But first of all, it is worth fulfilling those recommendations that bring results. Use proven resources and get the most out of life!