WantMatures Review

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If you are fond of mature singles, you might have already heard of WantMatures.com as it is talked a lot in the community. Some people find it extremely great for finding a partner for the night, others are not so sure about the advantages of WantMatures platform. This review seeks to resolve the argument and help you form an independent opinion about the service. What is Wantmatures? How does it work? How to get started? Answers to these questions and many more read in the article below. 

Pros and Cons


  • Various communication tools;
  • Easy to use;
  • Basic and advanced search options;
  • Affordable prices.


  • Many fake profiles;
  • Inappropriate porno content.

What Is WantMatures.com?

WantMatures is an online dating site that focuses on allowing older people to find themselves a casual date on the internet among the like-minded people. However, despite WantMatures being mainly designed for a more mature audience, in reality, singles of different age are represented on WantMatures site:

  • Age 18-30
  • Age 30-50
  • Above 50 years of age

The number of unique monthly visits constitutes 764,000 people hopping on WantMatures.com to search for their next hookup. However, it is important to understand one particular thing about WantMatures site. 

What WantMatures Site Focuses On

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions related to the subject, especially granted the rather unconventional nature of WantMatures site. This review of WantMatures seeks to elucidate an important aspect regarding the dating site WantMatures. Despite the fact it has a slightly friskier goal than most conventional dating platforms, and is designed to let people get naughty and find themselves a partner for potential sexual intercourse or a casual date, and not to look for real love, it cannot and should not be associated with any illegal activities. One of the most infamous associations that a lot of people who hear about WantMatures top dating site get is that it has something to do with prostitution.

WantMatures Dating Site

In fact, this is a completely wrong assumption. Prostitution, in essence, is pimping out ladies for money, when the principle of WantMatures site is the exact opposite. It is not possible just to pay for the women of your liking and get them shipped to you. What really happens is that on WantMatures you are just given an opportunity to access a number of like-minded people who share the same intentions as you do. Everything else is up to you. Using the features of WantMatures site, you can contact the profiles you like and get the conversation unraveling hoping for it to lead to something else. 

How Does WantMatures Work?

WantMatures works in the same way as a lot of conventional online dating sites do. It allows its members to connect with each other in order to continue communication and spend time in a fun way. On WantMatures there are different types of communication that people are seeking. However, it can be divided into two major groups: casual dates and online flirt. It is very rare for the audience of the site to be looking for something bigger than that such as serious relationships or a committed communication. One-night-stands are the most common request among the members of the site. A lot of members are looking to access and share some naughty content such as videos, texts and pictures. In order to facilitate that desire, WantMatures site has an array of unique features that serve the purpose best.

How to Get Started on WantMatures

Getting started on WantMatures is easier than on most of the online dating platforms because of the nature of this particular service. Since WantMatures is a platform that specifies exactly on allowing mature ladies to link with younger men for a bit of fun, and does not have a goal of bringing two loving hearts together for a long-term committed relationship, it is understandable that the registration process needs to be short and straightforward. The amount of effort one needs to put into signing up to WantMatures site is kept to bare minimum, which means you will have an account created in under 5 minutes before you can go straight into connecting with hot mature ladies from your local area or abroad. In fact, the procedure of signing up on WantMatures takes approximately 1.5 minutes.

WantMatures Registration

WantMatures Features

Friends. You can favorite particular profiles that you liked most in order to not lose them in the great variety of other members. If you chat regularly, they will appear in this section automatically after you confirming a friend request. You too can send out friend requests to other users of WantMatures site in order to be in touch with them at all times. This feature is particularly useful as it allows members to see which of their friends are currently online so that you could know who is likely to reply to you instantly. 


You have access to the activity log in order to keep track of all the users who showed interest in you by sending you winks (a specific intrinsic to WantMatures icebreaker that allows users to express their interest in a particular profile and start communication in such a way), viewed your profile. As well as that you can also review the full list of all people who messaged you or sent you a friend request. 

Match Feed

Once you match with other users, e.g. express mutual interest in continuing conversation with each other, you can exchange flirty messages. A good thing is that since it is a platform that preaches the idea of no strings attached, you are not limited to chatting to just one person at a time. You can send out flirty texts to multiple matches all at once to see which conversation works out and which is just not meant to happen.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms is a great feature that helps you meet people in a more efficient way. These chat rooms are special groups created on WantMatures platform where active users can chat with each other and discuss different things. Usually, such groups are created to talk about shared preferences and wishes, so that you could link with the like-minded people. Once you find someone who you think you click within a chat room, you can take things a bit further and message them privately.

Video Upload

Since WantMatures is created exactly for exchanging naughty stuff, video upload is a perfect feature to have on the site. Members of WantMatures platform can upload their own content and share it with their friends on WantMatures site as well as with the general public interested in it. 

WantMatures App

Apart from everything else, there is also a WantMatures mobile app. This is particularly convenient as you get to access the site not only when you are at your laptop but basically anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. This is useful as you will be able to keep in touch with your matches at all times. 

Create an Account

As soon as you visit the landing page of the website, WantMatures.com, you will be faced with a neat signup form that you can fill out simply by stating your gender (either you are male or female), selecting your age, ZIP code, your email and create a password. It is important to enter a valid email address that you currently have an access to as you will be sent a confirmation letter with a link to verify your address. Apart from that you should also come up with a nice and fresh screen name that would be shown to all the other members of WantMatures site. Make sure you choose an appropriate for the purpose nickname that will definitely catch the attention of your potential matches. 

Complete Your Profile

As soon as that is complete, you are basically done with creating an account and may proceed to use the website. However, you might want to further fill out the fields by setting up your profile. You can state as much or as little information about yourself as you want. WantMatures is far from your average conventional online dating website, so you are not required to write lengthy paragraphs about what you are looking for in the love of your life and how much you would like to grow old together with your soulmate. In fact, it is the opposite. Since the main purpose of WantMatures site is to accommodate a casual date between you and mature ladies, you shall keep details about yourself specific to the topic. Talk about what your preferences are and do not hesitate to be a bit naughty in the description if you want to. 

Upload Pictures

You can also upload a profile picture so that your profile was shown in the basic search to all the thousands of active members browsing through the site for a casual date. 

WantMatures Basic Search

After you are finished with your account and have finished customizing your profile, you can get to the actual fun part: searching for the hot mature girlfriends willing to flirt with you! While it is more than possible to do it manually and simply go through the multiple profiles of women and men of the site looking for those you fancy to hit them up in private messages, you can do it in a different way, too!

It is understandable that you will not be able to look at every single one of the profiles if you browse them without any help, and chances are you could miss some profiles that you would be particularly interested in. This is why you might want to turn to the help of the search engine.

WantMatures Advanced Search

The search process is very well thought through. The site offers its members an opportunity to use an advanced search tool that can filter your matches in accordance to your personal preferences. You can specify what features you would like your perfect match for a spicy encounter to have. For instance, you can only search for women of a particular complexion, specific age or those located within a given range. Apart from that, you can also sort the search results in accordance to their online status and their date of registration, which saves a lot of time as you know for sure you are only hitting up those members that have been active recently. 

WantMatures – Is It Safe?

There are plenty of WantMatures reviews talking about the safety of the service as this seems to be one of the most important aspects for a lot of people. In fact, safety of WantMatures site is something mentioned in any online dating site review, but for a platform as WantMatures this is particularly pivotal. Since the platform is not against its users uploading slightly hotter pictures, privacy is essential. Members want to be sure that their images and contact details do not get leaked. That WantMatures can guarantee. 

Over the years of its existence, there have not been any issues reported, so it is only fair to assume that the platform team puts a lot of effort into maintaining the security of the data uploaded to WantMatures. 

Data Protection

However, it is not only personal information that the users of WantMatures find sensitive but also their financial details. When people pay for the upgraded version of WantMatures site, they want to be sure that their financial information remains confidential and will under no circumstances be stolen by the fraudsters. I order to accommodate such request WantMatures site uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system.

Another concern that a lot of potential members of WantMatures have in regards to signing up to the service is the amount of fakes on WantMatures site. Unfortunately, this indeed is a weak spot of the site since the moderation is not as strong as it would have been desired. All users are allowed to upload whatever content they want to share, and sometimes it can be the cause of the increased number of fakes and catfish. However, while it is definitely annoying and somewhat upsetting to come across the impostors, it is not that difficult to avoid such interactions. If you are aware of the basic safety guidelines on the internet, you should be fine indicating who is a genuine user and who is there with shady intentions. 

Cost of Using WantMatures.com

One of the ways in which tWantMatureshe site tries to keep the people who are not really invested in the process away is by introducing a paid version of the service. You can purchase a membership to access some additional features aimed at enhancing your WantMatures.com online dating site experience. Different WantMatures review will tell you different information in regards to whether it is expensive to join or not, but it is all very relative and extremely subjective. In reality, the prices of WantMatures are just above average on the market. You can see for yourself:

  • 3 Days Trial Membership — $2.97
  • 1 Month Membership — $27.30
  • 3 Months Membership — $30.60
  • 6 Months Membership — $73.80

Pros and Cons

Just like any platform, WantMatures has both pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of it according to this WantMatures dating website review.


  • You can meet a large number of mature singles willing to hook up
  • 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Chat rooms that allow you to meet more people 
  • A lot of fun features including effortless video upload
  • Good advanced search tool


  • Moderation is not very strong
  • The price of WantMatures platform is slightly above average
  • Subscription is renewed automatically each month


Overall, this review can conclude that WantMatures is a good site for you if you are interested in meeting hot milfs located near you. WantMatures site has an excellent advanced search tool that allows you to sort your matches in accordance to various criteria so that you could connect with the people you would be most interested in first.